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Article One


  1. All players must be registered on a GYGSA team roster before the A.S.A deadline.

  2. All players shall be deemed registered and a member of GYGSA when:

    1. Team League Fee, as established by the GYGSA Board, has been paid

    2. ASA Individual Player Registration is completed

    3. The player is included on a GYGSA team roster.

    4. The player and player‚ parents‚ have signed and turned in a medical release form.

    5. The player and player‚ parents‚ have signed and turned in a waiver.

    6. The player has provided a copy of a document for proof of age. Birth certificate, baptismal certificate, hospital certificate, driver‚ license, or court-approved documents.

  3. All coaches shall be ASA registered with current ACE certification.

    1. Ace Certification includes Washington State Patrol background check.

    2. If you are unable to clear the WSP background check you will not be allowed to coach within GYGSA.  The GYGSA strongly suggests that any assistant coach or parent helper also clear WSP background checks.

    3. Coaches' Code of Conduct must be signed and on file each season at the time of registration.

  4. Registered players are non-voting members.

  5. GYGSA Board shall have the authority to suspend or reinstate any player or coach in GYGSA.  Following any suspension, the player or coach will be afforded the opportunity to be heard by the voting membership.

  6. Players may be registered on only one GYGSA team.

  7. Player‚ fees and registration fees provide monies for:

    1. A.S.A team registration.

    2. Six game balls.

    3. Compiling league statistics.

    4. Trophies and awards for all divisions.

    5. Administration costs of GYGSA.

    6. One umpire per game.

    7. Maintenance and improvements of the facilities and fields at Carlon Park.

    8. Official scorebook.

    9. ASA Rulebook

  8. All team GYGSA registration shall expire at the end of the regular season; ASA individual registration expires on December 31st.

  9. Only registered players will be allowed to practice or participate with any GYGSA team.

Article Two

Team Composition

  1. GYGSA recommends no more than 15 players per team.

  2. Players may play up a division, but not down.

  3. After team registration has been completed, a player may transfer up or across a division but must submit a request for transfer to the Executive Board for action.  The request will be responded to in writing as to the acceptance or denial of the transfer.

  4. Teams may pick-up up to 3 Registered ASA/GYGSA players from a lower age division for league games if needed.  A pick-up player form must be presented to the league and the opposing coach prior to the start of any game in which pickup players will be on the game roster.

  5. GYGSA does not restrict itself to players who only reside within the Yakima area. GYGSA is open to any player from any area.

  6. Recruiting players from existing GYGSA teams during the season is prohibited.

Article Three


  1. There shall be the following divisions within GYGSA, as per current A.S.A. rules: 18 & under, 16 & under, 14 & under, 12 & under, 10 & under, 8 & under.

  2. 2024 Players are not eligible for the 18 & under division if they attain the age of nineteen (19) on or before September 1, 2023.

  3. 2024 Players are not eligible for the 16 & under division if they attain the age of seventeen (17) on or before September 1, 2023.

  4. 2024 Players are not eligible for the 14 & under division if they attain the age of fifteen (15) on or before September 1, 2023.

  5. 2024 Players are not eligible for the 12 & under division if they attain the age of thirteen (13) on or before January 1, 2023.

  6. 2024 Players are not eligible for the 10 & under division if they attain the age of eleven (11) on or before January 1, 2023.

  7. The minimum age for the 10U division will be seven (7) years of age.

  8. Softball distances

    1. 18u, 16u - 60-foot base, 43-foot pitching

    2. 14u, 12u - 60-foot base, 40-foot pitching

    3. 10u, 8u - 60-foot base, 35-foot pitching

Article Four


  1. Protests on rule interpretations will be accepted if they conform with the current A.S.A Regulations. Rule 11 Sec. 1-7

  2. The Executive Board shall decide all protests. A minimum of three members will be necessary to rule on any protest.

III. If a protest is filed during a game the coach of the protesting team shall immediately notify the umpire and the opposing coach that the game is being played under protest from that point on. This will provide all interested persons with the opportunity to take notice of the conditions surrounding the protest, aiding in the proper determination of the issue. Failure of a team to follow this procedure will result in the forfeiting of their right to file an official protest.

  1. The formal protest must be filed within 24 hours of the game in question if it is based on rules interpretations: and it shall be in the form of a letter, which must contain the names of the teams playing, the date, the field number, the umpire involved, and the rule that they claim has been misinterpreted. The letter shall be delivered to the President who will take it to the Executive Board for a decision.

  2. A protest based on the ineligibility of a player must be filed with the GYGSA Board within 5 days of the game in question.

  3. The GYGSA Board’s decision shall be final.

Article Five

Regulations for League Play

  1. GYGSA or its committee shall draft schedules. Copies will be issued to each coach, the league coordinator, the Umpire Association, and the field coordinator.  Rescheduling of games must be approved by the GYGSA or its committee.

  2. The selection and the assignment of the umpires for all games will be the responsibility of the Umpire Association. Notification to the Umpire Association of any scheduling changes shall be the responsibility of the league coordinator.

  3. Only the coach or the nightly League Official shall have the right to discuss rule interpretations with the umpire.

  4. The use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco of any kind is prohibited at any GYGSA sanctioned event by any player, coach, or spectator.

  5. The plate umpire shall be the sole judge as to the fitness of the field for play.

  6. The home team will occupy the 3rd base dugout.

  7. Rules of play shall be in accordance with current A.S.A. rules or as amended by GYGSA and made part of these by-laws. (Example:  Bunting, stealing, sliding, and a dropped third strike are permissible at all divisions unless otherwise stated.) These rules apply to league play only. An official A.S.A. softball rulebook shall be provided to each coach and will be available in the concessions stand.


Article Six


  1. Reported violations of the Coaches Code of Conduct must be given to a GYGSA board member within 5 days of the instance.  The Executive Board will consider disciplinary actions including warnings, suspensions, or expulsion from the league.  The Executive Board’s decision is final.

  2. Unsportsmanlike conduct and swearing are prohibited.

  3. The coach is responsible for player and team conduct, as well as spectator conduct during the game. Violation of this rule could lead to suspension for the player, team, coach, or spectator.  If coaches cannot control the spectator's actions, verbal or otherwise, the game may be forfeited. Umpires will have the final authority on the cancellation of the game.

  4. Coaches have the important major responsibility of giving their team a positive experience in softball. They must show their team the correct fundamentals of playing softball and have the patience and skill to help them develop their awareness of responsibilities as a team member.  A coach must at all times demonstrate qualities of fairness, honesty, and sportsmanship, as his/her team will judge him/her by their actions.

  5. Team members shall not call swing or strike when members of the opposing team are up to bat. Any harassment or discouragement directed at an opposing team is poor sportsmanship. Coaches may suspend any player for poor sportsmanship.


Article Seven


  1. An A.S.A.-approved fastpitch softball must be used during official gameplay. A 12" ball will be used, except for the 8U and 10U Silver Division where an 11" compression ball will be used. 10U Gold Division will use an 11" regulation outdoor ball. A new ball must be furnished by the home team of each game (Home teams shall be listed first on the schedule). The umpire shall be the judge of the fitness of all balls in play.

  2. The catcher must wear a helmet with a mask and throat guard, and chest protector at all times. This includes practices.

  3. An approved helmet must be worn by the batter, baserunners, and on-deck batter.

  4. All players must have the same color shirts with visible numbers (minimum of six inches in height) on the back.

  5. No jewelry is to be worn during games.

Article Eight

Game Play

  1. All weeknight games will start at 6:00 p.m. Any team causing a delay will forfeit if the game is not started by 6:15 p.m.

  2. A team that is short members at starting time has the option to forfeit the game or start the game with a minimum of 8 players that are present. The ninth batter spot is an automatic out.  The game shall be forfeited if at any time a team cannot field 8 players.

  3. Pick-up players must be registered with ASA within GYGSA.  Pick-up players may not practice with the team, except for warm-up.  Pick-up players may only play twice for the same team during a season.  No regular player may sit on the bench while the pick-up player is in the field or hitting unless injured. Pick up player must be from the same or lower age division.

  4. A complete game is determined by the time limit or seven innings whichever comes first. A complete game will not exceed two hours.

  5. No new innings are to be started after 7:45 pm. The game must be completed by 7:55 pm.  If the game is not completed by 7:55 pm the umpire will call the game at that time and the final score reverts back to the end of the last complete inning. The plate umpire is the official timekeeper and his decision is final. For an 8:00 start time, no new innings are to be started after 9:45. The game must be completed by 9:55.  If the game is not completed by 9:55 pm the umpire will call the game at that time and the final score reverts back to the end of the last complete inning. The plate umpire is the official timekeeper and his decision is final.

  6. Tie situations.  A tie ends in a tie.

  7. All girls present will bat in a designated order for that game. Example: If 13 girls are present for the game, make out a batting order for all 13 girls and they will bat in that order for the entire game. Free substitution is allowed at defensive positions and it will not alter the batting order.

  8. Benching of any player either for injury or for discipline shall not result in that player being called out for each consecutive time at bat that follows that benching. The player shall simply be withdrawn from the batting roster. Notification of the opposing team must be made immediately.

  9. Any player arriving late for a game may be added at the end of the batting roster, without penalty. Notification of the opposing team must be made immediately.

  10. Any player having to leave a game early due to a prior commitment may be withdrawn from the batting roster without penalty. Notification of the opposing team must be made immediately.

  11. Teams should provide the umpire with a lineup card prior to the start of the game.

  12. Runs ahead rule:

    1. For all divisions, 6 runs scored or three outs whichever comes first will complete a one-half (1/2) inning on offense.

    2. For all divisions, the 10 run mercy rule will be in effect after 5 full innings. (Explanation: In league games, the mercy rule does not take effect until after 5 full innings.  If after 5 full innings one team is ahead by 10 or more runs that team is declared the winner and the game is over).

  13. 10u age group - special situations:

    1. Once the pitcher has control of the ball and is inside the pitcher's circle, the ball becomes dead and all base runners not over half the distance to the next base shall return to the last touched base.  The lead base runner (if more than one runner is on base) is the controlling runner for determining the halfway mark.

    2. Base Stealing: Base stealing is allowed in the 10u age division; with the modifications that only one base is allowed per attempt, including overthrows.  Stealing home is not allowed.  This includes advancing to home on a passed ball.

    3. Dropped third strike:

      1. 10u Gold division‚ ASA drop third strike rules apply.  The batter must be tagged or thrown out if the third strike is dropped. 

      2. 10u Silver division - The batter is automatically out if the catcher drops the third (3rd) strike. The catcher need not tag the runner or throw to first base for the out.

      3. Players will pitch in all games with the standard amount of balls and strikes, per ASA rules.  In each inning, a player may walk or hit any combination of three batters.  At that point, the hitting team's coach will provide a coach to throw a maximum of 3 pitches to each batter for the remainder of that inning.

      4. If the batter strikes out or fails to put the ball into fair play during the coach's 3 pitches, the batter is out.  Only those batters hit by a pitch from a youth player shall be awarded first base.

      5. There will be no base coaching from the pitching circle when the batter's coach pitches.  The fielding team's pitcher will remain in the pitching circle to field her position.

Article Nine


  1. The Home Team must provide a scorekeeper; otherwise, the opposing team scorebook will be official for that game.

  2. Scores must be reported by the home team via GYGSA’s website: by noon the following day or the score will be recorded as a zero.

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